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chinese academy of engineering yang yusheng: low speed and small and extended range should accelerate the speed of electric vehicles
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      "the battery level determines the development route of china's electric vehicle, therefore, china should vigorously develop small and micro practical pure electric vehicles as a breakthrough, large and medium-sized car of pure electric driven by the range extender as the main vehicle for the transition, and lay the foundation for a new generation of pure electric vehicle to the direction of development." november 10th, chinese academy of engineering, yang yusheng, held in beijing, an electric car and power battery conference call.

      in fact, the low speed electric vehicles are becoming more and more open and intense debate. yang yusheng as a representative of some experts believe that the current level of china's battery technology, electric vehicles mileage is difficult to compare with the traditional car. electric cars have the expensive costs and hard sell, also are not steadfast in the existing technical conditions, starting mileage is not long, low speed, low price of small electric vehicles, to solve the practical problems of the grass-roots people. while the medium and large electric vehicles, it is suitable for the application of extended range electric car is a more practice routes.

      technical line has been the industry's technical line of the dispute, it is due to the delay in the relevant national policy. not long ago, our country leaders have proposed the development of new energy vehicles, the next step is to focus on what issues, including routes, key technical issues, investment issues, policy support, must be clear as soon as possible. yang yusheng believes that the battery is the main factor to determine the performance of electric vehicles, the development of electric vehicles to determine the level of the battery. the current chinese power battery industry has produced uneven level of scientific and technological achievements, not widely used in battery industry, safety needs to be improved, can not support the distance, consistency is not good enough, life is not long enough, the new technology rejected several major problems. yang yusheng to a brand of electric vehicles, for example, the maximum mileage of the car after charging for 300 km, priced at 369 thousand and 800 / units, using lithium iron phosphate as the cathode of lithium ion batteries, weighing 700 kg. "give me the impression that the trip is not short, the price is not cheap. this price can buy a audi." yang yusheng joke. vigorously develop the micro and small cars, pure electric vehicles to prevent the popularity of high prices. in this case, the support of the low speed small electric car experts began to expand the ranks. the world electric vehicle association chairman, academician chen qingquan and yang yusheng, chen liquan and zheng mianping three chinese academy of engineering in 2010 had signed a letter to the state council, proposed to give priority to the development of pure electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles to give priority to the development of small cars, rather than mid-range or more cars and buses.

      in the opinion of yang yusheng has been behind the lead-acid battery, the upgrading of products of lead-acid battery mini car is electric bicycle, motorcycle, ordinary people are zhefengdangyu means of transport, we should vigorously develop the popularization. one is light, small, low power consumption, easy to solve the charge; two is a simple structure, easy to use and maintenance, saving material; three is less battery, low price; four is easy to charge, the general family can be charged.

      in fact, it is because of these advantages, the andrew, zhejiang, jiangsu, guangdong and other places of the enterprises have started mass production and export volume. according to incomplete statistics, at present, shandong province already has more than and 30 electric car companies, in 2010 the production and sales of low speed electric vehicles is 33 thousand, is expected this year's sales is expected to more than 60 thousand. shandong provincial government is also very positive attitude, not only introduced the relevant management measures, but also actively to the ministry of industry and other departments to apply for low speed electric vehicles in shandong province to carry out the application.

      however, in the hot market and the positive local government, the national policy has been "cold". low speed electric vehicles is generally not up to our country "pure electric vehicles" technical conditions "in a subsequent charging mileage can not be less than 160 km, the maximum speed of not less than 85 kilometers", also did not enter the "vehicle manufacturers and product announcement", therefore, not on the card. "take the fuel car's harsh standards to demand the electric car is not reasonable. our country can quickly build (changed) into a number of 200 thousand units with an annual output of the factory, the formation of the chinese characteristics of the electric vehicle industry, both a large amount of gasoline, but also to reduce urban air pollution." yang yusheng called on government departments to quickly develop a reasonable standard, allowing on the license.

      at present, the city such as beijing, shanghai and some other big cities began to use the pure electric bus. yang yusheng believes that the pure electric bus is currently only a small demonstration. because according to the current battery energy ratio, the reasonable design of the mileage is only about 150 km. but one day a bus running line is 200 ~ 300 km. charging stations and changing power stations are costly and inefficient, and can not be separated from financial subsidies for a long time. "the olympic games, the world expo model can not be used for commercial operation. battery and vehicle can not share the same life cycle, follow-up repaired battery who subsidies? therefore, only a small amount of pure electric bus demonstration, found the problem, the accumulation of experience."

       yang yusheng said that the extende ranger only has one motor power, it is a pure electric drive, battery charging, power on small power generator optimum condition driven parallel motor generator and a battery, or to charge the battery, the car still needs the power of oil, but more than half of the province oil. it has the following advantages: one is not with too large capacity battery, and can travel; two is less the battery power shortage and over discharge, prolong life; three is not necessarily used in lithium ion batteries and other available, the price is low; four, charging at night in the parking lot does not build another charging station,land saving; five is charging power in the use of "electricity valley", "valley" at night; six is not required for electric charge / turnover battery, low cost; seven is not required for electrical installations and personnel, operation fee is low; eight is the traditional car facilities and achievement for the whole inheritance, and easy processing; nine is the existing technology can save more than 50%, energy saving and emission reduction; ten is the government subsidy burden light, easy transition to no subsidies.

      yang yusheng appealed that our country should devote itself to the original research, comprehensively enhance the research and development capability of the power battery, and provide the core technology with independent intellectual property rights for the pure electric vehicle power battery after 5-10 years. while continuing to control lead pollution, we should support the technological progress of lead-acid batteries, develop high-tech lead-acid batteries with high specific energy and long life, improve the performance of nickel-hydrogen power batteries, reduce costs, and promote the application in micro and incremental electric vehicles.