director of motor design

working place:suzhou city, xiangcheng economic development zone industrial park chaoyang cao hu industrial workshop, a3 workshop (postcode: 215143) recruitment:2

job responsibilities

1. responsible for the overall development, design and project planning and management of double salient drive motors and generators, including mechanical design, control software/hardware design, system testing and verification.

2. the development of the leading high-speed doubly salient drive motor system, including the motor, reducer and controller, led the team to complete the development task on time.

3. responsible for the preparation and review of various motor and generator design requirements documents, coordination of various types of outsourcing development, proofing and testing.

4. coordinate and cooperate with the active work of the production and external departments.

5. technology development and management of intellectual property.


1. master's degree or above, at least 8 years working experience in direct design and development of new energy vehicle drive motors and controllers.

2. has rich experience in motor structure, heat dissipation and other design, including simulation analysis.

3. there is a priority in the direct design experience of the drive motor controller.

4. have strong analytical skills, good communication, strong expression, strong sense of responsibility, flexibility and self-restraint.

5. have good language and text communication skills.

6. skilled in using tools such as office, excel and project.

7. familiar with design and simulation analysis software such as solidworks and ansys.

salary range: 30w-50w/year

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