suzhou dsm green power co., ltd is the sole professional development, production and sales of new high efficiency, high reliability and high performance doubly salient dc excitation motor technology of high-tech companies. a series of vehicle applications of this new technology of dc generator professional development and production of the extended range of powertrain ("range extender") and high speed drive motor power system assembly (three in one), has the ability to control and optimize the function of the system, cost-effective, reliable work, low noise.

based on the mature technical team, inspection and test system of standard specification, independent intellectual property rights, stable supply chain, iatf16949:2016 automobile quality management system and more than 30,000 sets of production scale workshop, the company's products have the characteristics of good stability, high performance and good customer experience, including perfect dc power generation system integration technology. and after-sales support capability.

based on the development of vehicle fuel direct current power generation system, the company gradually develops gas/alcohol ether fuel direct current power generation system, forming a variety of fuel technology dc power generation system product series, widely used in new energy vehicles, small solar power generation system backup power, charging station backup power, communication base station backup power, etc. widely used. at the same time, actively develop the application of doubly salient dc generator, including vehicle-mounted start-up/generator (isg), solar dish photothermal distributed generation system, power system assembly of vehicle high speed drive (three in one) and other fields.