doubly salient excitation dc motor technology is a new type of motor technology, mainly including a new structure of the stator and rotor, through the stator for electrical excitation.

its new electromagnetic field distribution structure and principle allow the use of excitation windings to control the increase or decrease of magnetic field intensity for driving or generating control. in the control of dc generator, the generator controller only needs low-frequency, low-power excitation control to simply and accurately adjust the generation current and voltage. the controller of low frequency and low power dc power generation system has strong anti-interference ability and high reliability. the whole power generation system has the characteristics of high efficiency, anti-interference, safety and reliability.

the technical characteristics of doubly salient dc generators are summarized as follows:

    1)  cost effective:  it uses popular silicon steel and low-power & low-frequency controller. the controller is designed as universal with two voltage platforms.

    2)  high reliability: the rotator has no windings, no permanent magnets, and with only silicon steel;  the controller uses low power igbts.

    3)  good emc characteristics: with low frequency (1khz) low power (300w), the controller has no electric magnetic radiation.

    4)  easy with harsh environment: the inlet coolant temperature can be high (< 85 ℃.  note: permanent magnet motor < 65 ℃) and the integrated controller does not need separate water cooling.

    5)  the average efficiency of the system is over 94% (generator controller).  the high efficiency area of the motor’s temperature range is wide (< 150℃).

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