yang yusheng: development of range extended electric vehicles
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      yesterday (3rd,july), the third electric vehicle industry development strategy seminar held in beijing, yang yusheng china academy of engineering, said that the focus of the development of electric vehicles in china has been unsteady in the past decade, which has led to the reversal of the battery and the whole vehicle. now it is time for us to "put things right".

the olympic games before the mercedes benz fuel cars fell dejected

      for the olympic games, china's vigorous development of fuel cell and hybrid car experience, yang yusheng academicians believe that the fuel cell electric vehicle (fcfv) from 10 to 20 years are very difficult to scale, it has been unable to solve the problem of expensive. a particularly large number of platinum needs its battery raw materials (in each car takes more than 20 grams), if you need to use the production of 50 thousand tons of platinum, but china's annual output of only 4 tons of platinum, every year to import large quantities of platinum to solve chemical and civil demand. "unless a fuel cell is developed that does not require platinum, cost is unbearable for consumers". according to the electric car network reporter learned that the shanghai automotive research and development of a fuel cell car, the market price of more than 1 million yuan. even the rich benz in 2008 gave up in chinese has spent tens of millions of yuan, the research and development of fuel cell electric bus program.

      and the current domestic manufacturers and re - burning of the hope of hybrid electric vehicles (hev), yang is not optimistic about the academy. he believes that the 2 million prius sales not only chinese is cannot be reached, any other international manufacturers are unable to replicate. oil electricity two sets of power system is very complicated, the processing requirement is high, resulting in high prices, but also in the domestic use of the fuel saving rate is not obvious, so we do not buy it. the united states government has been less supportive of hybrid cars. now even the japanese government also began to - 2014 as the popularity of hybrid electric vehicle (phev) in 2016 began to spread to pure electric vehicles, nissan as a representative of the japanese manufacturers have already started the development of small electric vehicle. so academician yang believes that now to mention the development of hybrid cars is already going back.

two "chinese characteristics" of the road of increasing program and miniaturization

      now how about the prospects for some enterprises choose plug-in hybrid car? academician yang believes that this "electric vehicle" or internal combustion engine and the electric motor two sets of power system, complex structure, difficult to reduce the price of the same, especially internal combustion engine operation will lead to increased fuel consumption, equivalent to the "big horse car".

ten major benefits of developing an extended range electric vehicles

      "extended range electric vehicle (erev) is the best model of transition of traditional fuel vehicles to pure electric vehicles yang said, although this is still burning oil, but the oil saving rate can reach more than 50%, in the process of running can greatly extend the battery charging, mileage. like chevrolet wo blue da (volt) is a more successful example.

      in addition, yang also believes that academicians should encourage practical micro electric vehicle, which has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, can use energy-saving materials (such as glass steel); low price, easy to sell, the battery manufacturers can better transfer from the service to the service type electric bicycle electric vehicle. now shandong, zhejiang, jiangsu, guangdong, there have been many light low-speed electric car manufacturer, mainly exported to overseas markets, "as soon as possible should be allowed in the domestic sales, academician yang believes that once the opening policy may soon appear several an annual output of 200 thousand cars (light electric vehicles) of the enterprise, so as to drive the entire industry formed by china characteristics of the electric vehicle industry, can save a lot of gasoline, but also can reduce urban air pollution.