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advantages of dsm extended range electric vehicle power generation system
2014.10.17 pageview:585

extended range electric vehicle(e-revs) power system developed by dsm is the international advanced level and mature in the integration of doubly excited generator technology and brought by the canadian technical team of the electric vehicle power system integration technology on the basis of the reev specially developed vehicle power system. series of products using the doubly salient generator developed to fill the domestic e-revs vehicle power system at the same time the gap with the international advanced level. and in the process of product technology, system integration is more common and innovative.

first, the generator: doubly salient generator technology has been obtained china national technology invention prize two and geneva international invention award, success in aviation power system has been widely used. this special double salient technology, on the premise of high power density and high efficiency, can be used in low power (< 10%) excitation control, and makes the whole generator has the advantages of simple structure, which makes this generator reliability, maintainability and good compatibility with the battery; the controller uses low cost of traditional silicon steel and small power not only helps to reduce the volume and weight of the whole system, helps to significantly reduce the cost of the controller, the generator has significant competitive cost. generator is in the optimization of the constant power point of stable power generation, more than 50% of the efficiency of the ordinary generator.

second, vehicle power system system integrated technology: integrated energy system technology know-how e-revs generation system uses a source in the ge motors of the united states, to fill the chinese market in integrated vehicle energy system has perfect function of the power gap, but also can greatly prolong the service life of the vehicle battery.

third, advanced energy management makes the load power battery system has been optimized, especially in idle speed, acceleration and climbing conditions, not only extend the service life of the battery, but also can greatly reduce the safety of battery.