what is the extended range electric vehicle technology
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extended range electric vehicle technology, is the new energy vehicle technology, a major genre, this technology is characterized by the characteristics of the electric power driven vehicles driving the main energy, and gasoline is its backup energy. in general, a hybrid car can rely on 3.8 liters (1 gallons) of gasoline 64 to 96 km. and the electric car is different, today's hybrid car does not need to be charged through the connection, but through the collection of energy generated by braking and the use of generators to supplement power. at low speed, some hybrid models can rely on electric power driven, and switch to a gasoline engine when driving at high speed. the efficiency of hybrid electric vehicles is generally less than that of electric vehicles, while the performance of environmental protection is not as good as the latter.

the advantage of the extended range electric vehicle is to be able to travel 64 km (40 miles) in the case of zero fuel consumption and zero emissions. even when the battery is running out of power, the extended range of the electric car is just the use of gasoline in order to provide a range of motor generator power generation, the power required to provide motor vehicles. extended range electric vehicles can continue to run after the battery runs out, because the increased range of gasoline power generation opportunity to achieve uninterrupted start, providing power driven vehicles. extended range electric vehicles are able to generate their own battery life, and do not have to stop to find a place to charge. on behalf of the models are: chevrolet wo lan da, bmw i3 and so on...