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chen qingquan: create china's "electric vehicle kingdom" with the spirit of innovation
2012.04.28 pageview:522 shandong channel 28 april xinhua (reporter lv fuming) chinese academy of engineering, the royal academy of engineering, the world electric vehicle association founding president chen qingquan said in shandong on 28, with continued breakthroughs in new energy power battery, motor power electronic, powertrain and other core technology, china "electric car" kingdom of dreams not far away.

      chen qingquan attended the same day in dezhou, shandong held in 2012 new energy automotive summit forum. produced by the group's "jabet baoya electric vehicles are released in period, the scene that realize the order of 10 thousand vehicles, chen qingquan think this large-scale landmark industry trends.

recently pointed out that china announced the "energy saving and new energy automobile industry development plan", the pure electric drive is the main strategic orientation of the auto industry restructuring, the current focus on promoting electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle industry, popularization of plug-in hybrid cars, energy-saving internal combustion engine vehicles, improve the overall technical level the automobile industry.

      chen qingquan believes that electric vehicles to allow ordinary people to accept a moderate price, two to ride comfort, convenient use, low energy consumption, less emissions to three. electric vehicle power supply must be friendly interaction with the power grid, so that mutual benefit and win-win. can adopt a variety of models, such as charging, battery charging and energy storage, more intelligent power grid can be combined together to carry out intelligent charging.

      at present, china's lithium battery technology has made a series of innovative breakthroughs. chen qingquan said: "at present, the most important is to improve the consistency, reliability and life of the power battery system." to vigorously develop the market demand, energy saving and emission reduction efficiency of small and short - distance pure electric vehicles and urban public transport by electric vehicles or pure electric vehicles.

      when it comes to innovation, chen qingquan believes that due to the extreme lack of independent innovation and china major industry platform, create the key industrial system, leading to the main industry in china is around the short board, the added value of the outflow of some industry 80% - 90%, and then lead the national industrial added value system is low, the profit rate is very low. so, china electric system of the automobile industry chinese must build advanced technology, efficient, independent and open structure system, industrial modernization and industrial modernization in the new period, to provide a new development mode and major demonstration. to create an "electric car kingdom", is the common dream.