may, 2018, dsm organized group spring outing activities
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may 19, 2018, the company organized "unity and mutual assistance, enhance friendship" group spring outing activities: a day tour of the xishan scenic spot

around 9:00, we arrived at the scenic spot. the first step we took from the car made us feel a sense of the shade of green trees melting into nature. we were in the middle of the journey (below)

in the blink of an eye, everyone was scattered like pearls in the big garden of botanical gardens. some here see, there see, leaders, employees have a group of three or two people, in this green water and green mountains, enjoy a close contact with the sun, bathed in this beautiful natural spring, everyone has fun!

the spring outing is also arranged for the mountaineering competition. the picture shows the general manager (general chen) awarding bonuses to the award-winning mountaineering staff.

the success of this event is that all staff have a good sense of teamwork, thanks to the responsible person in charge of the various departments, due diligence. this is also the embodiment of the company's overall good looks.