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on april, 2019, dsm organized the drill training of safety escape.
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on the afternoon of april 10, 2019, dsm organized all employees to carry out the drill of emergency plan for fire safety  production, and all employees participated in the drill training.

in order to test the scientificity and operability of dsm's emergency rescue plan for emergency accidents on site, do a good job  in emergency rescue work, ensure that in case of safety accidents, rescue work is timely and effective, and minimize the loss  caused by accidents, dsm organized and carried out this drill according to the emergency plan for safety production accidents.

before the drill, officer pei of the district fire brigade gave a lecture on the fire fighting knowledge, the use of fire extinguishers,  the escape skills and basic fire fighting knowledge, and the emergency treatment methods for gasoline leakage.

with the alarm bell ringing, the staff organized and directed everyone to evacuate from the emergency exits on both sides of  the r & d center and the comprehensive department, guided the staff to escape orderly from the emergency exits according to  the specified routes, to avoid the occurrence of panic, crowding and falling in the event of an accident. in the shortest time,  everyone concentrated in the designated safety zone, and reported to the commander in chief in time evacuate to the  company's yard according to the instructions and count the number of people.

through the drill, the staff can master the emergency rescue operation procedures and methods, improve the safety awareness  of the whole staff, and improve the ability of the emergency rescue team to coordinate operations.

after the drill, the leaders of dsm safety office made a deep summary on the ability of fire emergency organization to deal with  the fire, assess the skills and effectiveness of daily fire training and education, improve the ability of staff to extinguish fire,  evacuate and rescue themselves, and the ability of managers to organize, coordinate and command the fire. so that the whole  staff can be trained and educated i