june, 2018, dsm organized fire escape exercise
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in june 30, 2018, the company organized all employees' emergency safety fire escape exercise.
in order to improve the staff's safety and fire awareness, test the function of fire protection facilities in factories, enhance the staff's ability to respond to emergencies, self-protection ability, so that each employee knows fire prevention knowledge, know how to alarm, how to extinguish fire, how to evacuate personnel, how to rescue the wounded materials. how to escape.

the alarm bell rings. each guide calmly and calmly announces to everybody: "the

company workshop warehouse fire, the fire is spreading, please all staff, do not panic, quickly follow the guide to leave the scene, ran to the floor evacuation center.

the drill is to ensure the safety of life and property, to implement the basic principle of fire protection work "prevention first, prevention and elimination combined" to lay the foundation for dealing with sudden fire accidents on the basis of the fire safety system.