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june, 2016, specialist yang yusheng visit dsm
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"by the range extender is consistent with the" 13th five-year "strategic planning of the development of new energy vehicle"

——yang yusheng

chinese academy of engineering, electric vehicle hundred members, academician yang yusheng recently visited the dsm. more than four years of deep ploughing range extender, dsm has become a leader in this field. as the co-founder of the company, dr. wu deping, chairman of the board, and ms. chen xiangling, general manager, warmly welcome the arrival of this respected "confidant".

accompanied by dr. wu and ms. chen, academician yang and his team visited the production and testing workshop, and discussed the current new energy automotive field and the related topics of res products. at the same time, academician yang understood the growth course of dsm and insisted on technological innovation and went deep into the mainstream automotive enterprises such as chery automobile. cooperation has been highly praised and praised for promoting the development of extended range electric vehicles.

a few hours at the end of the talks, yang academician stressed that many times before in the forum mentioned in the words: "by the range extender is consistent with the" 13th five-year "strategic planning for the development of new energy vehicles route", "the res is the best electric vehicle at present. ".

academician yang affirmed and encouraged to stimulate the spirit of dsm innovative enterprise. believe dsm will set foot on the new "growth process"!

attached: academician yang summed up the advantages of the elecctirc car with res:

1, reduce the battery capacity and cost, reduce the vehicle quality, increase the load capacity and climbing ability, achieve higher mileage.

2, the battery will not loss power and over discharge, long service life, high safety. the utility model can be used without charging piles and can travel long distances. it can also be charged in the parking lot in the evening. users can enjoy the difference between peak and valley electricity prices and save money.

3, basically, all of them have inherited the facilities and achievements of traditional automobiles and are easy to process. at the same time, increase comfort, allowing air conditioning and windshield heating. at the same time, it is allowed to be used in cold areas and the automatic range extender starts automatically at low temperatures.

4, on long distance, the fuel efficiency of the range extened car is about 50% less than that of the same fuel vehicle.

5, the government subsidy burden is light, the range extended car is the most easy transition to electric vehicles without subsidies.