dsm - 12th the 2016 beijing international new energy vehicle exhibition in a shining star
2016.07.20 pageview:488

last three days of the twelfth beijing international new energy vehicle exhibition and charging pile facilities exhibition successfully concluded. as the only one in the show, the process of enterprise, dsm full series range extended products into the show is a major highlight of the show.

the dsm participating in the output of the series of products from 3kw to 60kw, voltage range from 48v to 600v, the trial models from electric passenger vehicles, logistics vehicles to light trucks, large buses and other new energy vehicles. it has been favored by many customers at home and abroad, and has become a preliminary cooperation intention with several new energy vehicles.

communication with visitors who are not familiar with the extender is an open "science popularization". communication with practitioners in the industry is a pleasant "nagging home". the generous guidance of the attending experts is a "learning journey". darling will also attend such representative exhibitions one after another, hoping that enthusiasts, practitioners and experts of the new energy automobile industry will be present to exchange guidance.