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june, 2017,dsm hold "passion achievement dream, team success" outdoor training
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on june 17, 2017, with great enthusiasm, the dsm partners went to changshu jiangxiang, a beautiful and rich ecological community, which is today's expansion base. the partners were too late to recuperate, and immediately put them into training to show the style of the dsm team.

the warm-up exercise before the activity will activate the whole team atmosphere and see how sweet they laugh.

squirrel drill hole tree game, in a moment, the partners back to childhood, the whole body has been relaxed.

the breathing force tests the teamwork spirit of each team, and the partners try their best to win the team.

take your positions, start the detachment, establish the name of the team, and start the pattern of the three ice breaking - build a sense of honor for the team and let partners quickly integrate into the team.
never say die team

big tree team

surpass team

after a long morning of fighting, the partners plunged back into a self-sufficient picnic. it's time to see how busy you are and show off your cooking skills.

the dishes we cooperate with each other are very delicious.

in the afternoon, the true and false holy water came to test the team's wisdom. guess who won the holy water in the end?

at the end of the full and happy day, dsm's companions will never forget every wonderful episode, which embodies the cohesion and invincibility of dsm's team, just as the slogan "passion makes dreams come true, team makes success"!